I just want to say how pleased I am with your product. I didn't even have to rake up the ground before I through down the seed. I had a large bare area under my Mimosa tree and I just distributed the seed on the ground last fall and let the fallen leaves and snow during the winter do the rest. It's even growing in this lousy clay soil we have in Kansas. I now have beautiful new soft grass where there was nothing. Since it had all winter and spring to get a good start it's doing great in the 100 degree heat it's now having to withstand.

Thank You,
Sally H.
Wichita, KS

I must tell you, I have always wanted a beautiful lawn, this is the beginning of the third season with my new Canada Green grass. The yard is amazing, people stop in front of my house just to look at the amazingly
green grass.
... If you could see my yard, the results are worth it.

David M.
Orange, CT

I just want to say how THRILLED we are with your grass seed. For 20 years we have tried to grow grass in our back yard. A "popular known grass company" even told us our yard is too acidic to grow grass, so we tried on our own and made alot of flower beds instead.

This year, we decided to try your product, so I bought 1 bag, was so pleased with the results, I bought 2 more. We are so excited to tell you that my backyard is almost completely covered now in beautiful green grass. I was in LOWES today, and saw a woman looking at a bag of grass seed with fertilizer in it and I told her not to buy that, go on the Internet and find Canada Green Grass seed, and that she wont be sorry she did.  
I wish I was able to include pictures of my yard from last year and this year. OMG what a differecce. We even walk on it and have 5 dogs in my yard and it still looks beautiful.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating such a fine product :)

Tona B.
Browns Mills, NJ