News Release


"In 2006, I challenged my technical team to come up with a blend of grass seed that would even grow on concrete. The whole concept was based on the premise that if the product could grow on concrete, it would grow anywhere. It sure wasn’t easy, but we did it."

After many theories and various formulations, the Canada Green test team purchased slabs of concrete from a local building supplier and began testing all formulations.

Plant Manager:

"I was not convinced that we could actually grow grass on concrete slabs. With time, determination and people with many years of skill and know how, our team actually produced soil less turf that actually grows on concrete. We were ecstatic."

This grass seed will no doubt be the front-runner of the industry. Imagine growing hearty turf on those hard packed surfaces such as worn paths or under your child’s swing sets. This product is also ideal for new lawns.

Sales Manager:

"This is truly a multi-functional product, and it’s real easy to use. No need for any preparation and no soil required. Just pour the blend directly on just about any surface and water daily. In about seven days, you will start to see new grass emerging."